Kerry Greyhound Connection is a charity that rescues Greyhounds from the Irish racing industry, and finds homes for them all over Europe. This film was made to encourage more people in Ireland to consider giving a Greyhound a home. It was edited entirely remotely, in England.

This short film was produced for the London Borough of Camden, to encourage teachers to use lesson study as a method to improve classroom practice around the area of higher order mathematics. It was directed by Barry Eyre and edited entirely remotely. The client was very happy with the results.

Skyscape are a company who offer cloud computing services using Cisco equipment and expertise. This case study was produced for Cisco. It was directed by David Mead.

Honda wanted a short film to encourage their motorcycle dealerships to use a new, on-line contact system. This film was produced for Primary Live.

This short opening video for a Honda motorcycles dealership conference was edited in a very short time, the client was very happy.